Damso – Lithopédion

Damso – Lithopédion

Prod / Mix


All tracks arranged, mixed and mastered by Nikola Feve “Nk.F”

“Julien” music composed and produced by TrackBastardz [Nk.F & Joa]

Includes : Introduction (Damso / Lithopédion), Festival de rêves, Baltringue, Julien, Silence (Ft. Angèle), Feu de bois, Même issue, Smog, 60 années, Aux paradis, Dix leurres, NMI, Perplexe, Tard la night, Noir meilleur, William, Humains

Released on June 15, 2018
© 2018 92I / Capitol Music France
℗ 2018 92I / Capitol Music France